New York For A Minute

We went on a quick trip to New York for a photoshoot. Here is a little guide we put together of our favorite spots!


We stayed at 11 Howard Hotel for only a night. As soon as you enter the lobby you will be blown away by the amazing design and scent! Yes, the scent! It’s like a minty-jazmin smell that we wish we could bottle. The hotel is in Soho and right across from Glossier.

Of course we had to rush over to Glossier and checkout their penthouse. Hop-on to their elevator and walk into a dreamy, white penthouse where you will be greeted by Glossier girls dressed in soft pink jumpsuits. The space is clean and spacious decorated with the most perfect fresh flowers. We went crazy trying on every single product!

IMG_3682.JPG IMG_2540.JPG IMG_3683.JPG

We came out of Glossier with rosy cheeks and glowy skin! It was time to grab a bite, so we headed over to Jack’s Wife Frida for brunch.

IMG_2525.JPG The food here is delicious and their soft bread is like crack!

We did a little bit of shopping at CW Pencil Enterprise. It’s a store that focuses on pencils. They have a test station where you can test out all the pencils. We’re suckers for stationery and pretty little things, so we couldn’t resist.


We did some location scouting for our photoshoot. One of the places we chose was Pietro Nolita. We ate there and had  pink margarita’s! It felt like being in a scene of an 80s movie. Cool, retro, funky, and nice!

We checked into The Bowery the next day. This hotel is exactly what we wanted (Chateau Marmont meets New York)! It is where we shot our model Kimia. Afterwards we went over to Nolita to take the outdoor shots.

Stay tuned for pictures of this amazing shoot. xo! -DD


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